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:. Fanner Group BreezeFan
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August 23rd, 2002 Fanner Group (Supplier) Cooling  1 | 2

:. Introduction .:

The Spire BreezeFan is one very unique cooling product. The reason why? well it's not meant to cool your CPU or really anything in your computer. It is an external fan, run by 4 AAA batteries or by USB. It's actually about time a company made such a cooler because it has many uses. I will go into detail about the many uses a bit later. But first check out some specs and pics to get the idea of what the BreezeFan can do.


:. Specifications .:

Dimensions70mm x 70mm x 25mm
Fan Type Ball Bearing
Rated RPM2800 - 3200 (10%)
Fan Noise Level 25 - 27.5 dBA
Air Flow 20.13 CFM@2800, 27.19CFM@3200
Life Hours50,000 Hrs for Ball Bearing
Power USB or 4 AAA Batteries

System Requirements:

A CPU with a free USB slot unless batteries used.

:. What's inside the box .:

  • BreezeFan
  • Silver USB Cable
  • Instructions

:. Fanner Group BreezeFan .:

This fan takes cooling to a whole new level, well personal cooling that is. Simply plug in the USB fan and you have a breeze flowing at you while starring at your monitor. I was skeptical at first but now always use this fan. When it comes to gaming, you can't go wrong. You know how a hand can get very sweaty when playing at a LAN party or just online, well the BreezeFan will cure those nasty sweats. Every time I play games, the BreezeFan is aimed at my mouse and I can play the most intense game without breaking a sweat.

The fan itself has two speeds (High/Low). When it's turned to high, it does make quite a bit of noise and there isn't that much more cooling. However, on the Low setting it runs whisper quiet and cools like a charm.

Don't get me wrong though, this is Modfactor!! and over here we Mod shit up. The way this fan is set up, you can easily modify it to become a case cooler or make a customized blow hole for your PC and stick this puppy in there. It's one of the best looking fans on the market and putting this on the front of your PC would make it look amazing.

I will be doing this later on and show all of you how it turns out. Watch for future posts.


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