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:.PSU Mod - Lux Design

:. Installation .:

The installation was very easy and these are the instructions that are in each package.

1) Unplug and remove your power supply from your case (wait 5 to 10 minutes for capacitors to discharge), and then remove its cover (Warning! Removing the cover may void manufacturers warranty). Wipe down the top surface of the metal with a cleaner like 409 or Fantastic (do not use alcohol or alcohol-based cleaners on the acrylic as it will ruin the finish on the edges, clean acrylic with soapy water and soft cloth) to help the adhesive stick.

2) Wrap the zip tie around the strain relief on the inside of the power supply to keep it closed. Cut off excess end of zip tie.

3) Peel one side of the tape strips and carefully place along the top of the rails.

4) Before placing the acrylic cover on, make sure the inside is clean. (After the cover is placed on, removing it will ruin the tape)

5) Remove the backing from the tape and lightly position the cover on one rail. Tweak the other rail until it lines up with the edge of the cover. Place down edge gently.

6) After everything is aligned correctly, press down on cover to secure it to the tape.

7) Clean the outside of the power supply and reinstall.

:. Pros and Cons .:


:. Pros .:

  • Easy to install
  • A lot of colors to chose from
  • Cheap
  • Different and cool looking Mod

:. Cons .:

  • Warranty is lost in most  PSUs
  • Won't fit in all Cases and PSUs


:. Conclusion .:

I am very pleased with the PSU Mod and if you are looking for something different for your regular case, or even better an acrylic case, then this is a must buy. This is because those regular power supplies look very dull in the acrylic cases and the quality of the acrylic in the PSU Mod is of superior quality and the large choice of color is also wonderful. Since the installation is very easy, what more could you want from a Mod?. I only have one request for The Cutting Edge and that is to make the acrylic a bit tinner to make sure it will fit in every case.

Lux-Design are the exclusive Canadian distributor and reseller of the PSU MOD and they have them for 17.99CAN for the regular PSU Mod and 19.99CAN for Fan Mount Models.

I would like to thank Olivier Gibeault from Lux-Design for sending the PSU Mod to Modfactor.com.

modfactor.com rating: 9/10

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