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:. Samsung SyncMaster 172T LCD

:. Installation .:

The installation of the 172T is just like any other monitor. However, if you decide you want to wall-mount the unit, there are instructions that tell you how to put the bracket in. It comes with screws and drywall fasteners but I would recommend placing the bracket where at least two of the screws penetrate a stud to be on the safe side.

:. Performance .:

Category Samsung 172T
Panel Type a-si TFT/PVA
Viewable Area 17"
Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.264 mm
Brightness (Typical) 250 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Viewable Angle (H/V) 170 / 170
Response Time Less Than 25ms
Interface Analog / Digital
Power On Mode 42 Watts Maximum
DPMS Mode Less Than 2 Watts
Energy Star Energy Star Compliant
Frequency Horizontal Rate (Digital) 30 ~ 63
Horizontal Rate 30 ~ 81 kHz
Bandwidth 135
Vertical Rate 56 ~ 75 Hz
Maximum Resolution 1280 x 1024
Color Supported 16.2 Million

As you can see from the above specs, this monitor exceeds the currents specs on the market today. The Pixel Pitch, Brightness, Contrast Ratio, and Viewable Angle categories are the most important to note and since the 172T has incredible specs in these categories, I can truly state that this is a high performance monitor.


:. Samsung SyncMaster 172T LCD  (continued) .:

When I got the 172T I had beige Labtec speakers. These are also flat panel and matched my old LCD just fine but since this one is so sexy with the silver and black color scheme I just had to mod my speakers to make them worthy enough to sit next to such a monitor.

I bought some black high-quality spray paint and coated the speakers twice. I must say that they look like they came this way from the factory and with the monitor, my desktop looks quite elegant now.

Here are the before and the after pictures for the Labtec speaker mod so that they can match the monitor:

Before                                                            After


Let me know what you think miwinski@modfactor.com.

The monitor has such a bright screen that radiates throughout since the brightness is 250 cd/m2. As you can see by the top pictures, it immediately catches the eye of anyone in the same room as the monitor.

To sum up all of my ramblings about this monitor, basically you cannot go wrong with the performance and the unique styling it has to offer. If you're in the market to buy a high-quality, eye-catching, and unique monitor I think you've found what you're looking for.


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