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:. Samsung Tantus LTM 1775W 17" LCD Monitor

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Along with being able to watch HDTV or regular TV, you can plug in a DVD player, a camcorder, and many other devices. Video editors will love this monitor not only for the number of inputs but because its wide screen format allows you to have many windows open at one time and still be able to work efficiently.

However, gamers will be slightly disappointed with this model. Compared to regular LCD monitors, the pixel response rate is somewhat slow. Gamers demand high pixel response rates and I am no different. While testing this monitor with such games as Battlefield 1942, MOHAA, and others, I found the stated 60 Hz refresh rate actually performs extremely well. I have an NEC 1530v and this LCD also has the same Hz rating although it has pixel response twice as slow as this monitor. Although the Tantus displays fast-pace graphics well, modern 17"+ LCD panels will do a better job.

Movie and television viewing is handled seamlessly by this monitor. The picture is crisp and very bright and you can adjust the picture size and fidelity using the various options.

One minor problem was when a dark image came up the backlight on the monitor makes dark colors look bright at the horizontal center of the unit while darker at the top and bottom. This does not only pertain to Samsung's Tantus HDTV monitor, Sharp and other manufacturers also have this. It isn't anything that will hinder the performance and I didn't notice it often.

The speakers on this unit are capable of producing amazing sound considering they are small and built into the unit. They can carry out really loud music without "fuzzing". You can plug the monitor speakers to your computer so you can listen to MP3's without extra speakers - a good option if you have limited desk space or simply want a clean look.

The remote on this unit is very small, sleek, and sexy just like the monitor. The layout is easy and straightforward and there are "sections" of different control. The bottom buttons have a black outline and those are for the PIP options. The top have the different input selections and the middle is for TV. The one thing that I didn't like was the fact that I couldn't use the number keys while using PIP (PC main and TV sub) because it is somewhat frustrating having to click the up arrow 50 times to go to a specific channel.

The overall styling of this monitor is similar to other models on the market. After seeing other models, I personally think this Samsung Tantus is better looking (and performing) than others. The metal stand on this unit gives this unit necessary stability with the heavier stand and four protrusions.


:. Installation .:

For computers and TV, the installation is standard. Connect the cables and you are ready. For other equipment, read the instruction booklet because it gives you details on what device is connected to what.

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