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:. Samsung Tantus LTM 1775W 17" LCD Monitor

:. Final Thoughts .:

As I mentioned throughout this review, the Samsung Tantus LCD has a huge range of functions. It can be summed up as the LCD monitor that is the "jack of all trades but master of none", meaning that because it has such a variety of uses, it is not specifically designed to be an incredible monitor in one category.

I found this unit to be a blast to review because I was able to watch TV after using the PC and therefore able to relax in the same room. The picture is super clear and being able to switch from a monitor to a TV is truly an impressive feat.

The styling of this HDTV monitor is also something to note. The design works so well for this unit that when people came to my room, they were in wonderment because it is simply so beautiful.

Samsung did a great job with this unit and I urge everyone to take a look at this one.


:. PROS .:

  • Versatile Monitor

  • Price to Function Ratio

  • Resolution

  • Speakers

  • Remote

  • Variety of Menu Options

  • Variety of Inputs

  • VESA Bracket Compatible

:. CONS .:

  • Viewing Angles (good but could improve)

  • PIP Mode could use better options (channel changing in particular)

  • Range on Remote is about 9'


Modfactor.com Rating:   9.3/10






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